Sun Protection

Flocart glass fiber blinds let you enjoy the pleasant sunlight without getting your room overheated. Glass fiber being well known for its dimensional stability, flame retardant properties and durability.

Flocart blinds are a durable solution that have been developed for intense use.

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Why Flocart uses 100% glass fibre fabrics?

Natural material

First of all, glass fibre is a completely natural material. Ecologically pure and non harmful to human health. It is produced out of Quartz and sand minerals, one of nature’s most common materials. The raw materials are melted at 1580°C in a furnace resulting in liquid glass which is spun into fibres.


Glass fibre can be handled like any other yarn. It can be twisted, warped and woven. Due to it’s composition, it offers many rare characteristics like strength, flexibility, non-combustibility, water and chemical resistance.

All of these features make it ideal for the Flocart Sun protection product range and makes us unique in the market. Moreover; unlike classic synthetic fibres, glass fibre yarns are not a source of fuel to the combustion process, and when subjected to the intense heat or fire, do not form molten drips that can spread flame in the interior. Another great feature is that the glass fibre fabrics do not require additional treatments that can generate toxic gasses in case of fire.


In short; our glass fibre product range offer great aesthetics for intense use in the contract market with the following high technical characteristics for a great ease of mind:


  • No fire smoke generation
  • No flaming droplets
  • Not flammable during the entire service life
  • The glass fibre yarns used have a single filament diameter of 6 microns and are therefore not harmful to health
  • Glass fibre fabrics do not have to be impregnated in order to preserve the non-combustibility
  • In the event of fire, no toxic gases are produced
  • Easy to assemble
  • High dimensional stability
  • Heat sealable
  • Guarantee the highest level of textile security
  • No fraying out
  • Can be rolled or cut in verticals
  • PVC free
  • Halogen free
  • REACH compliant
  • Energy saving
  • Acoustic properties